Commercial Tile & Stone Cleaning

Tile and stone are popular in commercial spaces because they look great. However, cleaning them to keep them looking great is another story. Let our high remove unwanted surface soiling and grout stains to restore your floor to a bright, like-new condition.
Commercial Tile & Stone Cleaning

Houston's Commercial Tile & Stone Cleaning Company

In most facilities, tile, or stone flooring is the first thing a visitor sees when they enter the property. Not only are these areas high-traffic, but they also are generally at the entryway, where the most amount of dirt enters your facility.

Sure, you have a regular cleaning crew that gives your tile, or stone flooring the once over with the mop every other day, but that is not enough to protect your investment in your tile and stone floors.

Many of these flooring surfaces in your facility are naturally porous, and abrasive dirt and debris can build up in them over time. As people continue to walk on these surfaces, this dirt actually starts to act like a sandpaper, eroding your floor's natural beauty.

Our deep cleaning process agitates dirt on the surface and deep within your floors, bringing it back to the surface so we can remove it for good, leaving your tile, or stone bright and clean.

We can clean your floors once, or work with you to establish a cleaning and maintenance plan or your facility's tile, or stone floors.

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How We're Better

We know you have your choice when it comes to commercial tile & stone cleaning services in Houston. That's why we take extra care in ensuring that we are your best option.


Our professional cleaning technicians know that they are to serve your organization. They approach every commercial floor cleaning job with the goal of doing it right, and impressing you with the experience.


We use the most powerful truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning technology on the market. This allows us to clean your facility's commercial tile & stone deeper and more effectively than our competition.


We do not skip cleaning steps, or cut corners. Our proven commercial tile & stone cleaning process produces amazing results and happy customers. It's what you deserve and what we are all about.

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