Houston Restaurant Cleaning Services

The foot traffic at your restaurant brings in dirt that can make your space feel unclean, or worn. We can help!
houston restaurant cleaning

You Cook. We Clean.

Your restaurant's customers want to have a clean dining experience and you want their attention to be on the food, not on the stain on the carpet, or the gum on the upholstery.

We know your general cleaning and maintenance crews do a good job, but it is likely that they lack the equipment and training to perform the routine scheduled maintenance that is recommenced by the manufacturers of your carpet, tile and upholstery.

That's where we come in. We will work with you to determine the necessary cleaning schedules for each area of your restaurant and then we will flawlessly execute that program.

Our industry-leading truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment and certified cleaning professionals are second to none. We know you take quality seriously, and so do we!

Our restaurant cleaning services are competitively priced and no shortcuts are taken. We are reliable and will maintain your cleaning program without you having to follow up with us. Our technicians are trained, certified, polished, professional and courteous. We are fully insured, so your property is protected at all times.

This combination gives you exactly what you need in a commercial cleaner, with the added benefit of dealing with a Houston-based family-owned company.

Get A Free Restaurant Cleaning Demo

Let us clean any 100 sq ft of your restaurant for free! If you're impressed, we can provide a customized cleaning program and estimate for your consideration.

Get A Free Cleaning Demo

We Clean Your Restaurant The Right Way

Flat-Rate Pricing

Let us come to your restaurant and provide accurate, upfront, flat pricing so there are no surprises later. We keep our prices fair and do a quality job so that we can maintain your business for years to come.

Cleaning Discounts

If you would like to establish a recurring cleaning schedule we can offer significant discounts, along with the ability to have a smaller monthly payment.

Flexible Schedules

In short, we clean when you need us to. We understand that you need cleaning to happen during downtime and can accommodate that. Tell us when you want us there and we will make it happen.

Fully Insured

We understand that your property is a part of your recipe for success and we truly care about and respect that. As such, we are fully insured to completely protect you.

Superior Results

Our industry leading, commercial-grade equipment produces superior cleaning results for your restaurant. Using the right equipment allows us to do the best job possible, leaving you a happy customer.

Accident Protection

We know spills and other accidents happen. If you have a recurring cleaning contract with us and have an accident after we clean, we will come out and do a spot clean free of charge.