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Don't let dust mites, body oils, sweat and dead skin ruin a good night's sleep! Our mattress cleaning service can remove contaminants and restore your piece of mind.
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Houston Mattress Cleaning

Let's face it, your mattresses get used a lot. Because of this frequency of use, it is easy to see how body oils, sweat, dead skin and other contaminants can buildup on your mattresses. Additionally, dust mites, bacteria and allergens also find their way into your beds.

Our mattress cleaning service kills and removes these micro organisms and other contaminants so you can sleep easy in a clean bed. Our superior equipment reaches temperatures that instantly kill dust mites and bacteria and breaks up dirt, allowing it to easily wash away. 

Don't sleep another night in a dirty bed. Call us!

Benefits of Mattress Cleaning

Kill and remove dust mites

Every mattress you own could have millions of dust mites living in it. Our mattress cleaning kills these critters with extreme temperatures and removes them.

Kill & remove bacteria

Bacteria builds up on your mattresses over time, but our process both kills and removes it from your bed.

Remove skin, oil and sweat residue

Dead skin, body oil and sweat don't belong in your bed. Our process breaks them down and removes them.

Remove allergens

Pollen, dust and other allergens commonly find their way to your bed. Our process removes them so you can rest easy.

How We're Better

We know you have your choice when it comes to upholstery cleaning services in Houston. That's why we take extra care in ensuring that we are your best option.


Our friendly technicians believe that they are here to serve you. They approach every upholstery cleaning job with the goal of doing it right, and impressing you with the experience.


We use advanced upholstery cleaning equipment on every job (without an up-charge). Using the latest steam cleaning technology allows us to leave your upholstered furniture cleaner than ever.


We do not skip steps, or cut corners. Our proven upholstery cleaning process produces amazing results and happy customers. It's what you deserve and what we are all about.

Hear What Our Customers Say

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    Our house full of kids is rough on our furniture. I wasn't sure that our upholstery on our couch and love seat could be cleaned, but man was I wrong. When Mark showed up he analyzed the situation and let me know that it was definitely cleanable. He took his time and made sure that every area was cleaned to my liking. You don't really get service like that anymore.

    Jon F.
    Sugar Land, Texas

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