Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Office chair upholstery, lobby seating upholstery, and even cubicle upholstery in commercial spaces collect soil fast due to constant use. Our professional commercial upholstery cleaning will remove the dirt and stains and restore your upholstery's appearance.
commercial upholstery cleaning

Houston's Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Company

Office chairs, lobby seating and conference seating get a lot of use. Over time, the constant use embeds dirt, soils and body oils deep in your upholstery's fibers, causing them to look tired and maybe even show a stain, or two. 

The seating in your place of business is an investment in your facility's image. When it looks good, you look good. When it looks like it is on its way out - well, you get the idea. 

Allow us to access the condition of your facility's upholstery and give you an estimate for a one-time cleaning, or a routine cleaning plan that will ensure that your upholstered items remain clean and in pristine condition.

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How We're Better

We know you have your choice when it comes to commercial upholstery cleaning services in Houston. That's why we take extra care in ensuring that we are your best option.


Our professional cleaning technicians know that they are to serve your organization. They approach every commercial upholstery cleaning job with the goal of doing it right, and impressing you with the experience.


We use the most powerful hot water extraction cleaning technology on the market. This allows us to clean your facility's commercial upholstery deeper and more effectively than our competition.


We do not skip cleaning steps, or cut corners. Our proven commercial upholstery cleaning process produces amazing results and happy customers. It's what you deserve and what we are all about.

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